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PDXposed is a local arts, travel and entertainment TV show, featuring the Portland metropolitan area and beyond. Recently nominated for two Northwest Regional Emmy Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


First airing in January 2004, PDXposed has revolutionized the concept of locally produced television.

PDXposed is the creation of two great media minds, Jon Olson (Host, Writer and Executive Producer) and Josh Martin (Senior Editor and Cameraman). Over the past few years Jon, Josh and the rest of the PDXposed crew have created a new concept of how television should be presented and produced; fun and positive television of the highest quality.

Having been recognized regionally and nationally by its peers, fans and the television industry, PDXposed was nominated the last two years for Emmy Awards in two categories: "Entertainment Special or Series," and Jon Olson was nominated in the category of "Host/Talent – Non-News." In the last five years, PDXposed is one out of just two Oregon entertainment series’ to be nominated, and Jon was the only Oregon host nominated during this time.

The show earned rave reviews from the press and fans after intering into a relationship with the
Portland-Sapporo Sister City Association. In 2005 and 2007 the crew spent multiple days filming in Sapporo, capturing its friendly beauty in two different seasons with a series of 30-minute episodes featuring Sapporo, Portland's "Sister City." The crew has also traveled to Germany, Hawaii, and plans to film future episodes in China.

PDXposed now airs on KGW NewsChannel 8 Saturdays at 7:00 p.m, and during football season will have a second airing in prime time Sundays at 9:30 p.m. PDXposed is pleased to join with KGW, which is the #1 rated broadcast network in the Portland media market and just won sweeps for the 33rd consecutive time.

E-MAIL: pdxposed@aol.com
TEL: 503-702-7895


PDXposed is a great asset to media in Portland, Oregon. In addition to having positive and interesting shows, they are hard working and have the respect of the community. Their broadcasts are always professional and lively. On the premiere of my first big screen project several years ago, PDXposed covered this historical event. As it turned out, this film (Small City Big Hip Hop) was the first film to document Hip Hop in Portland, Oregon. It was shown in numerous places including a featured spot at the most respected Hip Hop film festival located in New York City. I really appreciate the first coverage we received from PDXposed and wish them much success in the future. When they become a national (and even international) success, we will all be proud. And, it could not happen to a better group of media professionals as those who make up the PDXposed crew.& nbsp;

Thanks Julie, Jon, Josh, Mike, and Sean.
-Opio Sokoni
(Filmmaker, National Commentator, Professor)

Our company's experience with the pdxposed crew could not have been better. They are professional, fun and deliver on every promise. The quality of the video footage and the editing work are all top notch. The crew was a delight to work with. Jon is total pro and his enthusiasm is infectious. Julie gets the job done and is a breeze to work with. They all worked with us on facilitating OUR needs as a business, not just their own.

Tony Starlight,
Tony Starlight's Supper Club & Lounge

A big ooh rah SEMPER Fashion to everyone who came together to make this rock! Thanks especially to PDXposed- Portland's coolest t.v. show! And Jon, Shel, Julie, and the rest of their crew! They work HARD but u would never know by the fun they have! Thanks you guys!
-Tod Foulk, Semper Fashion

Thanks! You guys were a pleasure to work with. Interviews are rarely something that the boys in the band can stand, but yours was actually fun!
-Rob Wynia, Lead Vocal/Bass for Portland Band FLOATER

"You were crucial to the success of this event -- linking us to the other sponsors PLUS the superlative announcing and filming! I am so excited to see how it came out. Your heart & creativity are a blessing to us all. Many thanks to you & your crew for the support!"
- Lisa Lepine from LISA LEPINE ProMOTION (re. Alberta Art Hop)

“Thank you all for coming to the Indio party. We really liked what you did.”
- Z, Marketing Director, INDIO VODKA

“The show's got a really cool feel....I’m really impressed. WAY better than the dreary pace of the Oregon Coast Show.....jeez.”

“I am so happy for you and be very honorable to get this prize [Emmy Nomination]. Congratulations and bring back nice weather with your BIG Jon's smile.” MACUS SCHOOL located in BEAVERTON, OREGON “Finally got to watch the footage of the show…love it…Let me know if you guys are coming back down this way... we'll throw another party. You guys ROCK! Pdxposed ROCKS! I love the fact they cover local bands, keep up the good work crew. WE love PDXposed!
- Apollo Nightclub located in NEWPORT, OREGON

“Oh my gosh...IT WAS GREAT!!! I have to say that you guys put on a great show!!! Very, very well put together. Also, nice snag on the Ichiro interview!!! Keep up the great work, and let us know if you ever need us for anything!!!! Skippy,105.1 THE BUZZ (re. Fat Tuesday Segment) “I wonder if others who haven't been involved in things like Emmys and TV Hall of Fame and Life Achievement Award events, etc., etc., (as a guest, not a winner) have a real sense of what your nomination means!!!!
- Marcia Mitchell, AUTHOR

“I think you portrayed the mood of our band perfectly. I appreciate the instrumental blend of professionalism and localness that your show embraces. You guys truly capture the personalities of your features, and also allow your own personalities to deliver the stories. So unique! We're glad to have you in our posse, Jon. You guys are fab.”
- Paul, INTERVISION 5 (Featured artist on PDXposed)

"I was up late tonight watching your show 'ON DEMAND'. I have got to say something: IT REALLY ROCKS! wow, the show is soooooo exciting. The stories are interesting, fun, and informative. The camera work and editing is superb."
~ Austin Reed, Tenn Edition Creator KPTV Reporter

“What a great video and it was such a great piece for the city of Sapporo. Sapporo is quite an amazing town, but you guys sure made it look even better."
- Adam, Owner of OLD TOWNE PIZZA located in PORTLAND, OREGON (re. PDXposed Goes Sapporo)

“I was up late tonight watching your show 'ON DEMAND'. I have got to say something: IT REALLY ROCKS! wow, the show is soooooo exciting. The stories are interesting, fun, and informative. The camera work and editing is superb.”

“I really enjoyed your three PDXposed Sapporo shows! They were well done and provided some cool insight into an area of Japan unfamiliar to most Americans. I hope the cast and crew are able to make visits to other Portland sister cities in the future! There has been some great press recently about PDXposed. Word is getting out to the masses!”
- Andrew Bryans, Fan of PDXposed

“You are a very charismatic entertainer, and I for one would like to be a part of your world.”

“Portland and especially Oregon is lucky to have you and the rest of the crew at PDXposed. I watched On Demand last night, your Japanese community show and it was great. There was a lot of good information and often very funny. I laughed a lot.”

Watched some of your programs, I'd say they were the most professional on this kind of subject I've seen. In particular I liked the easy approach you have to your subjects, so many of these kind of info reports are condescending both to the viewer and the subject.Your style reminds me of a program called 'tomorrows world' where they explain new and innovative technical solutions in laymans language. I’m jealous, you get to do all the fun things; I just tell people to write about them.
- Christopher Lloyd Baron, EDITOR of PDX MAGAZINE

E-MAIL: pdxposed@aol.com
TEL: 503-233-0505

E-MAIL: annie@lvdmedia.com
TEL: 503-421-7447