*if the show is underlined you can watch the FULL SHOW!

Show 1 Skydive Oregon, Voodoo Donuts, Last Thursday, Patrick Lamb
Show 2 Winterhawks, Billy Reeds, Paintball, TRIVIA, Stephanie Schneidermann
Show 3 Wallbangers, Nordic Center(Cooper Spur), Rogue Ales, Maktub
Show 4 Cooper Spur Resort, Snowboarding/Elimidate, Savinos, Spin
Show 5 Hood River Hotel, Pasqualies Restaurant, Full Sail, Camaro Hair
Show 6 PGE Park, Greek Fest, Rock Climbing, Mary Kadderly
Show 7 TriMet Yellow Line, Cand's Gone Wild, Hubers
Show 8 Wine Country, Hot Air Balloon, CASA Event, Life After Liftoff
Show 9 Cinco de Mayo, Hot Bod Contest, Comedy Sportz, Jet Boat, Scott Fisher
Show 11 - Best of 1- Voodoo Donuts, Saks Benefit, TriMet, Last Thursday, Camaro Hair
Show 12 - Best of 2- PGE Park, Hubers, Outrageous , Greekfest, Scott Fisher
Show 13 - Bands - Maktub, Rubberneck, Mary Kadderly, Life After Liftoff, Sidestar..RogueAle in Newport

Show 14 - Seattle Seahawks, The BITE of OR, Oregon Zoo, Justin Hopkins
Show 15 - Oaks Park , Oktoberfest, Tigard HC Football/Cheerleaders, Geoff Byrd
Show 16 - Mt. Hood Train, Waterfront Brewfest, KXL BBQ Guy & Campbell's Bar BQ, Tiller's Folly
Show 17 - PEAR Event, Gypsy Caravan , Gapfest, OMSI, Dirty Martini
Show 18 - Portland Wrestling , Cosmic Bowling, Civil War/Hooters, Fashion Show, The Superficials
Show 19 - Aquarium, WhaleWatch, Golf, Yaquina Hd. Lighthouse, Mo's Chowder, GlassFloatSearch, Jonah
Show 20 - Bonneville Spa/Resort, Meals on Wheels, Bluegrass Festival, Dr. Theopolis
Show 21 - Rodeo, Oscar Party, Jupiter Hotel, Richmond Fontaine
Show 22 - Harlem Globetrotters, Kells - St. Paddy's Day, OR Music Hall of Fame, Rachael Taylor Brown
Show 23 - Whale Watching , Glass Float, Huber's, Voodoo Donuts, Fashion Show, Cosmic Bowling, Jonah
Show 24 - Oaks Park , Jupiter Hotel/Doug Fir, Oscar Night Party, Geoff Byrd
Show 25 - Seattle Seahawks , KXL BBQ Guy/Campbell's BBQ, Hooters Civil War Party, Tiller's Folly
Show 26 - Cart Races , Speed Dating, Indie Wine Fest, Harvey's Comedy Club, Ditty Twisters (band)
Show 27 - US Men's Volleyball , Fashion Palooza, Joey Harrington Event, Rossi Farms BBQ, Geoff Byrd
Show 28 - Portland Timbers, ONE Benefit, White Trash Contest, Martial Arts Tourney, Jesus Presley
Show 29 - Be a Pilot , Black Walnut Inn, Tina's, Spruce Goose, Winery, Lawrence Gallery, Debra Arlyn
Show 30 - Sat Mkt., Japanese Gardens, Sake'1, Masu Sushi Bar, Rich. Elem. School - , Man of the Year
Show 31 - Olympic Ski Jump, Winter Sports Museum, Sapporo Brewery, Home Meal, Fish Market, Highway 61
Show 32 - Jozankei Resort, Fishing Village, Shopping, Ainue Ctr., Kitara Concert Hall-Daniel Qrtet
Show 33 - Sapporo Dome, Moerenuma Pk, Art Pk, Sapporo Beer Museum, Shoping, Ramen Alley, Karaoke
Show 34 - PDX Mag. Party, ABATE, Baby Boomers Social Club,Model Shoot, 1st Thurs., The Imprints
Show 35 - Surfing/surf shop, Surfsand Resort, Family Mkt., Tillamook Cheese, Seaside Shops, Tom Varley
Show 36 - Cooper Spur Resort, Mt. Hood Meadows Snowboarding, Seahawks, Maktub
Show 37 - Noche', Ice Racing, Superbowl Party, Oregon Zoo , Pillars of Nein
Show 38 - Small City Big Hip Hop, PDX Mag. Pub Crawl, Lumberjacks, Dante's Real People, Cool NUTZ
Show 39 - Charlie FM Benefit, Car Show, Alexis, Greekfest, Intervision 5
Show 40 - Rose City Rollers, Purse Ben., Lotus Fat Tues., PGE Park (Seattle Mariners), Storm & The Balls
Show 41 - Rocket Boat, Newport Fest., Chinook Winds, Panache , Kites, Apollo ., Debra Arlyn
Show 42 - Crabbing, Newport Fest, BellaBch Props., Blue Cork Wine Bar, Glass Making, The Showroom, Rye Hollow
Show 43 - Old Town Pizza/Shanghai Tunnels, DentSpa, Indio Vodka, London Infl. Makeover, Velabonz Show 44 - BEST OF Portland Show.
Show 45 - BEST OF Sapporo Show.
Show 47 - Alberta Street Show
Show 46 - Skydive OR, Harvey's, JAMS, Country Bands Battle, Scotland Barr & Slow Drags
Show 48 - LeMans PIR, Cornhole The City, American Laser, Brazil Grill, SEI, Justin Hopkins
Show 49 - Port Townsend/Port Hadlock Show
Show 50 - Highland Games, Beer Nutz, Brew Fest, Galaxy Karaoke, VooDoo Party @ Aura, Western Aerial
Show 51 - Blue Thunder, Holiday Ale Fest, Dragon Tree Spa, TVF&R Fire, Mission 5
Show 52 - MUSIC Best of Show -- Intervision 5, Justin Hopkins, Western Aerial, Storm & The Balls
Show 53 - Children's Cancer Assoc., Erotic Ball, Alexis , Rose City Rollers, Velabonz
Show 54 - Seaside#1-Helicopter,Best Western,Lil Bayou,Big foots,Factory Stores,Aquarium,Stephanie Schneiderman
Show 55 - Astoria#1-Hol.Inn,Fulios,Fish Market,TeaHouse,Sunday Mkt,Column,Liberty Theater,Swing Cats
Show 56 - Seaside#2-HolXpress, Gilbert Inn, McKeowns, Dundee's, CarouselMall, Wine&ArtWalk, Aquarium, Jon Itkin
Show 57 - Astoria#2-Helicopter, Hotel Elliot, Cellar on 10th, Schoonres, Baked Alaska, Brownsmead Flats
Show 58 - Japan Show Winter #1
Show 59 - Japan Show Winter #2
Show 60 - Champ Car Race, Sportfight, Ernie Bernie, Aztec Willies, Hotel Monaco, Aladdin Event, PatrickLamb
Show 61 Curling (IM), 1080TheFan, PGE Park, Taste of the Nation, Intervision
Show 62 Skydive OR/Harveys/Mana (IM), Habitat 4Humanity, Storm/Lukas, Throwback Suburbia
Show 63 Portland Shockwave (IM), Aura/Voodoo Party, SEI Benefit, BridgeportVillage, Michael Allen Harrison

Show 64 Astoria#3 - Helicopter,EagleCoveHouse, Britta's Inn, Cannery Café, DaySpa, Banker's Suite, Acoustic Minds
Show 65 PDXposed Goes Germany - Frankfurt/Lufthansa
Show 66 PDXposed Goes Germany - Munich/Lufthansa

Show 67 Walla Walla #1 -- VaPiano, Marcus Whitman Hotel (Rest/Hotel), Bergevin Lane, Woodward Canyon
Show 68 Columbia River Day Spa, OMHF, Portland Winterhawks, Bureau of Standards Big Band
Show 69 Behind the scenes at Blazer game, Rock the Runway, American Laser., The Grand Central Bowl, Floater

Show 70 Editor Choice Show: Brazil Grill,Ice Racing, Sportfighting,SEI benefit, Justin Jude
Show 71 PGE Park, Wine Goers,Taste of the Nation. Nicolle Shops Portland's party, Dirty Martini
Show 72 Ocean Shores,Razor Clam Festival,Restaurant crawl,Irish Music Festival

Show 73 Dallas Eliuk of the Portland Lumberjax, The Toy Room, Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital,Tony Starlight
Show 74 BEST OF
Show 75 BEST OF

Show 76 BEST OF
Show 77 BEST OF
Show 78 PDXposed Goes Hawaii #2
Show 79 PDXposed Goes Hawaii #1
Show 80 Pendleton,OR Show. Wildhorse Casino, Golf, Restaurant. Pendleton Woolen Mills, Hamleys Co.
Show 81 BEST OF

Show 82 Newport, OR Show. Crabbing, Marine Boat, Newport Aquarium, Moes, The Ark, Rouge Brewery, Debra Arlyn.
Show 83 Rose City Rollers, Storm Spa Day, Baked Alaksa, Brothers of the Baladi
Show 84 Seaside, OR Show. Beach Volley Tournament, Seaside Aquarium, Carousel Mall, Dicovery / Estuary Program, Dundees, Oregon Beach Vacations, Jon Itkin

Show 85 Behind the Scenes of the Blazers, Oregon Zoo, Choose Local, Floater.
Show 86 Pro Drive with Mattress World's Sherri Hiner, Deep Roots Music Project, Candidates GONE WILD! Red Star Tavern & Roast House, Keegan Smith
Show 87 Ice Racing, Holiday Brewfest, Astoria Iron Chef, Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

Show 88 Frankfurt Zoo, Airport, Apple Wine and much more!
Show 89 Car Show, Seaside Inn, Seaside Helicopters, Salty Dogs and more!
Show 90 Nicholle Shops Portland, PDX Hip-Hop, JASO tea event, Blazers Supporting Local Music, Western Aerial.

Show 91 ziplining, mountain tubing, kayaking and gorgeous oceanfront resorts. We feature the lovely island tunes of Jonah Cummings!
Show 92 Paddle Boarding, Glass Blowing, O'DYSIUS, Cooking Class, Wild Gourmet Chef, Roadhouse 101 & The Stange Tones!
Show 93 Home & Garden Show

Show 94 Classic Wines Auction, Wine Ambassador Dinner, Domaine Serene, Sahagun Chocolates, and much more!
Show 95 Kona By The Sea, Kona Coffee Farm, Volcano Tour, Hawaii Forest, Captain Zodiac, The Shores, Kona Brewery & Pub, Kona Brewing Festival, Cheers for Beers
Show 96 Agate Beach Golf Course, Yaquina Light House, Hotels & Motels, Shopping, Dining, Mr. Bills Trivia, Earth Bound Beauty, James & Julz

Show 97 Blazers Playoff Game, Indie Wine Festival, Hotel Vintage Plaza, Moonstuck at Midnight, Michael Allen Harrison
Show 98 Saturday Market, Solar Power, Wildwood, Tillamook Cheese, Solar World, Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags
Show 99 POG, Polynesian Cultural Center, Sealife Park, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Aston Hotels & Resorts, Tikis Grill & Bar, Ka'ala Boys

Show 100 Sapporo Sister City, Japanese Gardens, Anchor Pier Lodge, Mo's, Marine Discovery Tours, Throwback Suburbia